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Maria is one of the premier voice teachers in NY
She is a formidable singer herself
and exemplifies all the best of the Italian Style.
William Vendice, Conductor
Los Angeles Opera Center

Maria saved me. I would not be the vocalist I am today without her! Her patience, techniques, and life lessons are so inspiring. She goes out of her way to make sure that you understand vocabulary that makes sense with someone's body. Studying classically with Maria has given me the ability to attack many different genres without fear but with ease. I would recommend Maria to ANYONE who is passionate about singing, music, and learning.
Al Calderon, AEA, The Voice,  X Factor

My role was written for a bass baritone
(I am a counter tenor). Maria came to dress
and gave me notes that kept me on track
and prevented me from hurting myself
during the run. In a nutshell,
Maria not only teaches amazing technique,

but she also gives you the skills

to survive a long run."

Kenny Wade-Marshall, AEA, SAG

Maria is an exceptional and unique teacher. She was able to accomplish in just a couple of lessons what I have tried for quite some time to do with others. The combination of her teaching style and method, along with her understanding of the needs and demands in the professional arena is unparalleled in my experience. She is supportive as she encourages you to make breakthroughs.
Jackie Jacobus, AEA, The Actor's Studio

“I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with Ms. Fattore for several years now, and she has been nothing short of a wonderful colleague, teacher and friend. She is not only an extremely gifted teacher, but she is a fount of knowledge in regards to repertoire, career advice, and “the business” in general. She is up-front and honest in her approach to teaching and career advice, and is a wonderful advocate and supporter to have your on team. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
Steven Eddy, baritone

"Working with Maria Fattore is the fastest way from point A to point B. Every time I work with her, I find more vocal freedom. She is the best in the city!"
Babs Winn, AEA, SAG


"My first New York Times mention...

my duet got a "lovely"! !
Thank you for all of your help.
I couldn't have done it without you."
JoLyn Baca, AEA

" As both a voice teacher and performer, Maria Fattore is first-rate. I regard her as an artist of the highest quality. She is at once technically masterful and highly versatile in many musical styles and genres. I have witnessed her students make tremendous progress. I highly recommend her to anyone pursuing artistic growth. "
James Bassi, composer & Music Director

"Maria’s work with my breath and perception of resonance has completely transformed my voice within the short time we have been working.  During each lesson I am constantly amazed by how easily we discover the sources of tension and how we address the issues in such a positive and productive way. Through her knowledge, insights, and incredible motivation, Maria has helped me to sing with my voice in such a healthy way!
Jennifer Allenby, soprano

 "It was only after studying with Maria Fattore
that I learned how to properly utilize my support and capitalize on my talent. Within a few sessions she helped identify my bad habits, discarded them, and worked towards replacing them with solid technique. It's thanks to Maria that my voice is now being heard around the world."

 Toni Dolce, Singer, Voice over artist


"Maria's instruction is always extremely clear. She was the first teacher who explained breath support to me in a way I could understand and use. Our work together helped me earn a full scholarship
for my Master's degree."
Maryann Mootos, soprano

"Maria is reintroducing me to a part of my voice I thought I had lost forever.

Her uncanny, intuitive knowledge of the voice combined with creative  use of imagery and language, make working with her pure joy. Thanks, Maria!"

Alison Briner, AEA

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