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Teaching philosophy


As a modern 21st century vocal technician, Ms. Fattore's instructional style applies traditional Lamperti bel canto techniques to current scientific knowledge of efficient vocal function. " "Lamperti trained Moratti. Moratti trained Thiessen. Frau Thiessen trained me--first as a performer, ready to begin a professional career, then as a teacher. I am convinced Lamperti would have been on the cutting edge of the teaching community today, combining modern scientific advances which support what the ear hears when healthy vocal coordination is present."

Ms. Fattore's teaching style focuses on correctly produced breath coordination as the key to tension free vocal production. "Healthy singing is 90% the result of correct breath coordination. Resonance and its use impacts how the sound is delivered to the audience. Alter the resonator, you alter your sound but never ignore your breath support!"


Maria has a M.M in vocal performance, a diploma certificate in Opera from the Hannover Musik Theater und Median Hochschule, and was a member of the pilot committee which created the NYSTA Professional Development Curriculum.


Artist Biography


Specializing in Italian operatic heroines, Maria Fattore is a versatile performer. She deftly portrays the heroines from the Puccini, Verdi and Donizetti canon yet possesses the ability to crossover into the casual style of American musical theater with ease. Her portrayal of Anne Sexton in Conrad Susa's Transformations earned kudos for her "tour de force" performance. She has performed in Europe in many styles ranging from the demands of Mozart's heroine Konstanze in Die Entführung aus dem Serail in Vienna to the cabaret stages of Germany with her American musical theater act.


As a recitalist, Ms. Fattore's programs are notable for an eclectic blend of standard song repertoire juxtaposed against contemporary styles that often offer "crossover" elements in composition. Maria's commitment to contemporary music extends from the contemporary standard repertoire (eg. George Crumb's Ancient Voices of Children ) to her involvement with young emerging composers working in the chamber ensemble, operatic and musical theater disciplines.


Maria's performance credits include professional appearances in the United States and in Europe. Versatility from Maria's personal "crossover" in the music theater and popular song realm has proven successful in teaching the "healthy belt" and the "pop" mix. Ms. Fattore's students include singers performing professionally both internationally and in regional American theaters,  in opera companies, on Broadway, in cabaret and in the pop recording industry. Maria  serves on the advisory board of
Joy In Singing, and is the director of the SongSalon program.

I practice what I preach.
Samples of my work in four different genres:

Senza Mamma - Puccini - Maria Fattore soprano
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Requiem in aeterna - Verdi Requiem - Maria Fattore soprano with Scammon Gala chorus
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Art Song

Nacht - R. Strauss - Maria Fattore soprano
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American Popular Songbook

from Put up your Dukes-Duke Ellington & Vernon Duke - Maria Fattore
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