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Pop Recording Industry


This is the music business of today. The music encompasses many styles: American Songbook Standards (think Tony Bennett and everyone who is currently recording with him), Rock, Contemporary Pop Rock, Folk, Country, Hip Hop, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Metal, R&B, Alternative, Gospel, Rap, Urban Contemporary--- in a nutshell, follow the money at the Grammys!


In many ways, this is the toughest vocal direction. Much of the sound is layered in the studio, post production is a major element here. There a many stories of artists no longer "performing live" but using tracks during the show. What no one mentions, is that understanding breath management and its relationship to resonance is critical for survival, as many of these styles as downright abusive to the voice. Your best defense is a good team to help you manage the traps of this career. Get a good voice teacher, a reliable otolaryngologist who understands performers and their needs, and heed their advice.


There is an epidemic in vocal hemorraging which is given a "quick fix" using surgery. This is not about performance longevity, it is about maximizing the performer's profitability. (Mariah Carey defends the damage that are her vocal nodes as being helpful for her "husky" sound,  Ariana Grande (21 years old!), John Mayer, Adele, Keith Urban among many others have had surgery for a vocal hemorrhage. Otolaryngologist, Dr. Shawn Nasseri of Los Angeles has said: “Ten years ago, I used to see hemorrhages twice a year; now I see them once a month” (full article here).  Learn to maintain your voice: proper vocal warmups (voice teacher), proper rest and diet (know what foods can trigger acid reflux), and a relationship with an otolarygologist (aka ENT) are your best defense.  In New York City, I personally recommend the offices of Dr. Anthony Jahn and Dr. Peak Woo.


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