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FAQs and Policies

Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic, lessons are only available remotely over the internet. 

You need a stable broadband connection, a Zoom or Google Meet application interface.  

I recommend using a laptop, with an external mic and speakers if at all possible.  

AUDITION SUBSCRIPTION SPECIAL: Prep your child for the NYC LaGuardia and other Performing Arts High School auditions!!

INFORMATION FOR PARENTS:  Every student I have prepared for LaGuardia Performing Arts High School has been accepted. To be considered for acceptance at LaGuardia, your child must have a B+ or better academic average. Other factors include  the  ability to match pitch and rhythm easily, musicality (the ability to infuse personality into the performance), discipline to practice daily between lessons, a willingness to risk,  charm both on and off stage, and conversational ease with people other than peers. LaGuardia has not yet released the dates for the 2020 -21 auditions,  due to pandemic uncertainty.

 Performing Arts High School Audition package

  • A special subscription rate is offered for Remote Audition preparation during the pandemic. This  package is designed
    specifically for performance and skill building which is typically tested  during the audition process.  Specially priced at $400 for five 45 minute sessions, the five lessons must be completed within six weeks of the first lesson. Multiple sessions within one week are possible.
    This  discounted rate is only available with prepayment. 

  • Subscription lessons carry a 24 hour cancellation policy in order to have the option for a rescheduled makeup. 
    Cancellations with less notice are billable, and counted toward subscription completion. 

  • Single lessons scheduled individually are priced at $95 per session.  

  • Payment options:  Venmo,, or Zelle. 

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